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Alexandra Georgi

Android Dreams Film

Thanks to my many years of experience in various permanent and freelance jobs in the cinema, TV and commercial production, I bring both office and set experience in international teams.

I offer in the preparation of calculations for documentaryies and imagefilms and commercials and take over the often tedious and time-consuming broadcast and grand acquisition as well as the rights clearance of music, image and moving image material as well as the contact and negotiations with casting and actors agencies. I support production companies and directors in the recruitment and coordination of teams as well as administrative tasks and the production management up to the post-production supervision and the festival support for feature films.

And not just because of my work as a producer on the seven-part docutainment series “Your Street, My Stage – Outstanding Street Performers”, commissioned by Red Bull TV and the implementation of its viral evaluation on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram I am also quite experienced in branded entertainment and cross-media storytelling.

Based on my study-related and professional film-historical knowledge, my craft expertise in scientific and journalistic work and my experience in concerning the needs of the market, I support filmmakers in the research and the dramaturgical support of concepts and scripts.

In the beginning there is always a story that wants to be told. The format in which this story shall be told then usually arises at some point by itself. Since my first internship as a producer assistant at Cologne Gemini Film in 2000 my passion for development and the close cooperation with authors and directors arouse. Meanwhile, I have a large network of filmmakers and am always on the searching for good stories, scripts and creative partners. My service ranges from development of fictional and non-fiction projects till production and service production. You can hire me by the hour or by the day or just for whole projects.

You can hire me by the hour or by the day or just for whole projects.

Android Dreams Film is an owner-managed production company by producer Alexandra Georgi, who, after fifteen years as a producer & production manager for various companies such as Anagram Pictures, Zero West, Avanti Media, Propeller Film and Doclights, started her own business in fall 2017 to work on the development and production of fictional and non-fictional projects for an international market. In addition, she works as a lecturer and is a co-founder and long-time board member (2005-2013) of Women in Film & Television Germany (WIFTG), Media:net, AG-DOK, EDA and the Förderverein Kinderfilm e.V..

Portrai of Alexandra Georgi

    Director: Michelle Leddon


    Director: Cuini Amelio Ortiz

  • Red Alert: Paul!

    Concept for a 13x 26 min live-action series for children from 6 to 9 years:

    Judith Ariane Kleinschmidt and Florian Schwebel, Idea: Alexandra Georgi


    Mini- series (hybrid)
    Writer & Director: Christopher Leeson
    in co-production with Rarebird Productions, UK / CA


    Together with Greyfeathers Film and Daniel Haingartner, we produced the feminist mystery short thriller DERP GIRL, directed by Olivia Stubbe, in 2020.



    Short film, 2006 in co-production with Kamitz-Schönherr Filmproduktion GbR, NRW, funded by the BKM, Filmstiftung NRW & Hessische Filmförderung.

    Watch on YouTube

Portrait of Alexandra Georgi

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